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Day 2

We wake up at 5:30 am. Because Arizona doesn’t do daylight savings time, it is bright and cheery at 5:30 am, we awake to birds singing and sunshine in the windows. About six am the lawn mowers start, we live on a golf course.

Yesterday I planted flowers. Things that are annuals in MI; Lantana (which I love) and Gerbera daisies are perennials here in AZ. We’re renting right now so we can’t plant perennials but I will definitely have Lantana growing in my yard when I own! So I planted Cosmos, which are one of my favs because they make great cutting flowers and look oh so cute in a vase, pansies because Kirsti and I discovered they live through heat and minimum water and of course, the tried and true Geraniums, and then some cute little daisy looking annual. So we will see how the flowers do in the heat.

So I was reading Romans 8 this morning. Samantha and I stood on verse 15 when she was a little girl. We both kinda got the short straw when it came to fathers that represented Our Almighty Father in heaven. We were thrilled to call God Abba and so thankful Jesus gave us the chance to do it. Sometimes I think I’m a little slow and I don’t always want to admit what I learned because maybe it should have been elementary. On the other hand, if I missed it maybe there are others who missed it too. The Spirit of adoption is the Holy Spirit! 20 years a Christian and 20 years living in the New Testament (well maybe I get stuck on the same books for a long time) and I just now saw that Paul was saying the Spirit of adoption is the Holy Spirit and through our spirit connecting to the Holy Spirit we are a child of God. This makes us heirs which then means we are joint heirs with Jesus, which means we suffer and glory with Jesus. (v.16-17).

I am living out a plan. The only way I see getting through this plan is staying connected with the Holy Spirit. I tend to get easily distracted.  Dennis came home Saturday morning and said, “Thank you for supporting me through this career change and moving with me.” It is God who has kept us on the same track.

Today I will expand my lung capacity, work that muscle in the middle of my chest and of course conquer a few more boxes.

I hired a cute little dog walker for Gus. Her name is Grace, she and her friend are going to come over to walk Gus and brush him. Yesterday was her first day, her friend was at swim practice and couldn’t come. Well Grace is only eight, she was walking Gus and a big dog, who “looked like a wolf” was outside in his yard and he scared Grace so the walk only lasted a couple of minutes. Gus didn’t care, he loved the attention, exercise is over rated.

Off to the day ahead.

Oh, the picture is of the sun setting on Jerusalem. We were in between Jericho and Jerusalem and saw the city on the hill in the distance. It’s magnificent to see in person what the writers of the Bible saw.


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