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Fade to Light


Cory Asbury cuts right to my heart with his song, “Reckless Love.” My favorite is listening to Steffany Gretzinger belt it out. I’ll start with the definition of reckless for those of you who think reckless seems “out of control” or something God wouldn’t be. Merriam-Webster says, “marked by lack of proper caution.” I’m going with that. Seems that when Jesus went to the cross, He lacked caution that any of us would see as proper. If you haven’t listened to it. Please do. A couple times. I think I could blog about every action of God, Cory includes in this song.


I heard this quote by author Mary DeMuth,

“When we tell our stories, we heal. Satan wants to steal our voice to prevent healing. An untold story stays in the dark crevices and never heals.”

I grew up with a lot of secrets; things I witnessed, things I did, things I heard (one day we’ll talk about my eavesdropping skills), abuse and bullying from others. I definitely carried them around in the dark.

A particular story, I thought was so far-fetched, I believed I made it up or dreamed it. Years later, as an adult, I threw it out there in a conversation with my sister Micki. Her expression reflected her shock, and she said, “I thought I dreamed that. You mean it really happened?”

Why are they secrets? Are we ashamed it happened? Do we think we’re protecting someone? Our embarrassment or shame becomes a thing we drag around in the dark.


“There's no shadow You won't light up… Coming after me” ~ Reckless Love. This is so powerful. God will light up that dark place, so you can have freedom.

Jesus said, “For everything that is hidden will eventually be brought into the open, and every secret will be brought to light.” Mark 4:22

This brings hope. In the light, darkness has to go away. Try flipping on the light in a dark room. Darkness runs.

Maybe telling your secret is having an open conversation with God. He will welcome it. He loves you so much He will shine light on the secret and heal your broken heart. Some things need a counselor. Some things need a trusted friend. Maybe you just have to apologize. Shining light on it, is a start to healing.

I pray the light that God shines, brings healing to you and the ones you love. I pray that every step you take toward freedom makes you stronger.

~ Susie

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