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Greater Love

Real Love

Tabitha, also called Dorcas was a disciple of Jesus. Her name means gazelle. This gazelle-like woman did good works, charitable deeds, and she was a seamstress. She was surrounded and loved by a slew of friends. In the book of Acts chapter 9, verse 37 she died.

Greater Love

Dorcas’s friends washed her body for burial. Two of them ran for Peter who was in a neighboring town. They heard he and other disciples had performed miracles. The towns were 22.9 km or 14 miles apart. Wow, these are true friends.


Peter came. They took him to where she laid. They cried and showed him the tunics and garments she had made. They were all vying for the chance to tell a story of their wonderful friend. Peter asked them all to leave the room; then he knelt and prayed. He whispered gently, “Tabitha arise.”

At once she opened her eyes, and seeing Peter, she sat up. He took her by the hand and helped her to her feet. Then he called for all the believers to come and see that she was alive! v.40,41.

There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. John 15:13 NLT

Tabitha lived. Many people heard, and believed in the Lord, because of her friends.

This week love is in the spotlight. I pray you have a friend that will lay down their life. I pray you are that friend who will lay down your life. #GreaterLove #thereishope

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