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Holiday Weekend

The summer begins with Memorial Weekend. This is also Dennis’ first weekend free and clear and we’re both here.

Last night we flew to Lake Havasu City which is only 47 miles away but fun to experience flying to dinner. Dennis got out of work early, this is the norm for now. We headed to the Kingman Airport, hopped in the plane and off to Lake Havasu. We called the airport who arranged for a shuttle service to take us to Shugrue’s Restaurant, they are right on the water and have a lovely view of the London Bridge and a beautiful sunset. We enjoyed Sea Bass and Ahi Tuna, it was delicious,  our waiter Glen was entertaining. Coconut cream pie for dessert. Not as good as Mom’s but a great ending to the evening.

This morning I baked a blueberry pie.

You know that uncomfortable feeling when you get invited somewhere new? One of Dennis’ colleagues invited us to his home for a cookout. I don’t know his wife, I met them both briefly, now we’re invited to their home. Is it a potluck? What should I take? Of course one husband said to the other, “Please come over we’re having a cookout.” No questions or instructions from either of them just a time span of the party. So I’ll take my pie, If I was supposed to bring meat to grill we will have none

On to another beautiful day in Kingman, AZ, winds gusting to 35 mph. Definitely a hat day

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